Zebra Blinds

2020 Web Design, Digital Ads, Videography, Photography

Zebra Blinds specialises in creating and installing high-quality blinds that add a touch of elegance to any room. They have been working with Ananas Media for three years, with a focus on digital advertising to drive sales through social media.


Zebra Blinds needed to monetise their digital media expenses and increase their sales through effective campaigns on social media, specifically Facebook.


Ananas Media successfully created campaigns that led to the brand's website, where customers could fill out forms for the brand to contact them later. Additionally, Ananas Media helped Zebra Blinds raise their digital advertising budget by ten times its original amount, resulting in an increased return on investment.


Through Ananas Media's digital marketing strategy, Zebra Blind was able to generate leads for its custom-made products and increase its sales through their Amazon store. This successful collaboration led to a continued partnership between the two companies.

Check out the website: zebrablind.co.uk