Vistula University

2020 Event Shoot

Vistula University is an international academic institution that requested Ananas Media to create a short film showcasing their annual Global Fest. In particular, they wanted a film that highlighted the university’s multicultural aspect. The primary objective was to capture the best moments of the event and add testimonials from students to provide a personal touch.


The festival program was very busy, which made capturing the best moments a challenge. However, the Ananas Media team overcame this obstacle by capturing a variety of angles and moments, providing enough footage to create an engaging video in post-production.


To achieve our goal of capturing the best moments and including student testimonials, we filmed a range of footage during the event. This provided us with ample material for post-production editing. The video's length was under two minutes and effectively conveyed the message of the university's Global Fest in a concise and engaging manner.


The client was really pleased with the final product and used it in their marketing campaigns across multiple platforms. The video was able to meet the client's goal of showcasing the multicultural aspect of the university's annual event, and it received positive feedback from the audience. Overall, the collaboration between Vistula University and Ananas Media was successful in creating an engaging and concise video for their marketing campaigns.