Shrifa's Art

2022 Art Photography, Video Portfolio, Website Design

Shrifa, a young and talented visual artist, approached Ananas Media to help create a digital portfolio and website to showcase her artwork to a broader audience. The team created an interview-style video and photographed her working on her projects. At the same time, they designed a minimalist website with neutral colours to make her colourful artwork stand out.


The challenge for the Ananas Media team was to create a storyline for video content that would capture Shrifa's youth and lively personality, while also making it appealing to audiences who might be interested in purchasing her artwork. Shrifa wanted to discuss her unique patterns and techniques used during her creative process and how she executed her ideas through abstract pieces using paint and other materials.


Our team decided to create an interview-style video for Shrifa, where she could explain herself in her own words, along with photographing her while she was working on her projects and some of her finished artwork. The production took place in her own studio where she felt comfortable and it was important for the team to shoot here to see the creative space she spends so much time in.

For the website, the team designed a minimalist layout with neutral colors to make her colorful artwork shine. This provided Shrifa with multiple content to use for her social media and other marketing efforts. The website made it easy for her to showcase her work to other artists and potential buyers with just a simple web link.


The team successfully provided Shrifa with a digital portfolio and website that showcased her unique patterns and techniques to a broader audience, while capturing her youthful and lively personality through the interview-style video. The website's minimalist design and neutral colours made her colourful artwork stand out and provided her with a platform to showcase her work to potential buyers and other artists.

Check out the website: shrifaart.com