Form & Grace

2022 Graphic Design

From & Grace, a UK-based high-quality activewear brand, contacted Ananas Media to create visuals that would complement their existing marketing materials. They specifically wanted posters for print. Our graphic design team created visually appealing posters and additional visuals to promote the brand.


The challenge for our graphic design team was to create eye-catching posters and other visuals that effectively showcased the brand's high-quality activewear. They needed to be visually appealing to catch the attention of potential customers and encourage them to purchase the products.


To create the visuals, our graphic design team was provided with product images from a previous photoshoot they had done. The aim was to showcase the unique features of the activewear, such as the comfort and functionality of the materials used. The team then experimented with different layouts, typography, and colour schemes to create visually stunning posters that effectively communicated the brand's message. In addition to the posters, they also created other visuals that the brand could use for their marketing materials in the future.


From & Grace was satisfied with the final posters and other visuals, which effectively showcased the quality and uniqueness of their activewear. The success of this project led to a continued collaboration with the client, who turned to Ananas Media for both small and large-scale projects in line with our services.