Burger Sauce

2022 Web Design, Videography, Photography

Burger Sauce is a UK-based importer of Pauwels Sauces from Belgium. They contacted Ananas Media to create a visually appealing and dynamic e-commerce website and take product photos for it.


Ananas Media was tasked with creating two different types of product photoshoots to use as a foundation for the website. The photos needed to be versatile enough to be used on both digital and print templates, and the team needed to create a cohesive look that reflected the existing brand identity.


To create the necessary product photos, Ananas Media created two different photoshoot concepts. The first concept was studio photography, with a focus on the products themselves. The team kept the surroundings neutral to emphasise the products. The second concept was lifestyle photography, with a focus on showing the product in use. The team curated a theme that fit the client's vision while creating visuals that were relatable and fun.

For the website, the team used the existing brand identity elements to create a cohesive and visually appealing website that was easy to navigate for e-commerce purposes.


The resulting visuals from the two different photoshoot concepts provided Burger Sauce with a variety of images that could be used for both digital and print marketing materials. The team's efforts to create a cohesive and easy-to-navigate e-commerce website that reflected the client's brand identity proved to be successful. The client was pleased with the final result and the website has since become a valuable sales channel for the company.

Checkout the website: burgersauce.co.uk