Video Production, Photography

Vegology, a plant-based fast food restaurant in London, approached Ananas Media with the goal of increasing brand awareness and reaching a new audience through creative services. The brand wanted to showcase their vegetarian and vegan dishes and encourage more people to try them.


The main challenge was to create fresh and engaging content for Vegology's social media channels to keep their brand in the spotlight. The content had to showcase the deliciousness of the brand's dishes and appeal to a wider audience.


To achieve the goal, Ananas Media organised regular photo and video shoots for the brand, so they would always have fresh content to share on their social media channels. The team also designed engaging Instagram Stories and videos for Instagram Reels to capture the attention of potential customers. They created a combination of shots involving food, people, and interiors for their still visuals, showcasing the making of Vegology's dishes, the people behind the brand, and the restaurant's interior. They also designed Instagram Stories that were focused on engagement, such as quizzing followers on signature Vegology dishes and gathering information on their preferences.


Vegology's social media presence has grown since the collaboration with Ananas Media, and they continue to attract new customers to try their delicious plant-based dishes. The brand's regular fresh and engaging content, as well as interactive Instagram Stories, have successfully showcased their dishes and promoted their delivery services, thus helping them to reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness.