Kadiri's Kitchen

2020 Videography

Kadiri's Kitchen wanted to create food videos to promote their homemade biryani kits on social media. The goal was to create short, visually appealing videos showcasing the product's deliciousness and ease of use. The target audience was young, busy individuals looking to elevate their at-home cooking experience.


The challenge was to create videos that were visually appealing and showcased the product's ease of use in a homey setting. We needed to target the right audience and make the videos engaging and enjoyable.


We filmed in a homey setting and added upbeat music to enhance the video's appeal to the target audience. We made sure to keep the videos short, visually appealing, and showcase the product's ease of use.


The client was thrilled with the final product, which was used successfully to promote their kits on social media. The videos were visually appealing, engaging, and targeted the right audience effectively.