The Coaching Masters

2022 Interview Shooting

The Coaching Masters is a coaching business that wanted a docuseries about the life and success of their CEO, Lewis Raymond Taylor. They had already shot half of the series with a previous media agency, but having parted ways they needed a new team to complete the project.


Our challenge was to match the footage shot by the previous production team, including lighting, camera angles, and lenses, to make it look like it was all shot by the same team. Matching footage shot by another team can be a tricky and time-consuming process.


Despite the difficulty, our team was able to match the footage perfectly by using similar equipment and techniques. We made sure to understand the previous team's setup and process to ensure the final product looked seamless. We also added some finishing touches to ensure that the finished docuseries looked polished and professional.


The client was extremely happy with the final product, which effectively showcased the life and success of their CEO. The docuseries was shared on multiple platforms and received positive feedback from the audience.